Alva Gettlin

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Alva Gettlin
Gender Female
Family Leonore Gettlin (mother)
unknown father
Friends unknown
First Appearance One Late Night: Deadline (mentioned)

Alva Gettlin is the daughter of Leonore Gettlin. The Black Widow seems to be connected to her somehow.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

On 2013 March 31, CellaLogic received an enterocyte cell sample of Alva, which was kept in Lab 03 of their office.[1] It was revealed in life, Alva was mentally unstable and a danger to herself and people around her. It's speculated that she was abused by her depressed mother Leonore after her father died. Leonore was admitted to a mental institution where she became fatally ill and died when Alva was in her late teens. On 1911 July 5, Alva was found to have been stabbed 6 times and her throat slit. Police ruled her death as a suicide after observing no signs of struggling.[2]

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