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Black Widow

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Black Widow
OLN BlackWidow.png
Gender Female
Family unknown mother
unknown father
Robert (great-great-grandson)
Friends unknown
First Appearance One Late Night
I... see... you...
~ Black Widow

The Black Widow is a malevolent spirit that haunts the Webcom office and later the whole Delta 5 building. Her greatest weakness is light, so she often turns off the lights in the various offices.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

On 2013 March 31, CellaLogic received an enterocyte cell sample of Alva Gettlin, which was kept in Lab 03 of their office.[1] Over in the Webcom offices, Robert was researching about his maternal great-great-grandmother who was said to have done terrible things during her life. While using an ouija board to communicate with his great-great-grandmother's spirit, Robert inadvertently opened a portal to the spirit realm, allowing the Black Widow to enter the realm of the living. Although she was defeated by an employee of Webcom several times, her spirit still remains because she became drawn to Alva's cell sample, which was being kept in the CellaLogic laboratory.[2] It is unknown if the Black Widow dragged Robert into the portal or he entered the spirit realm willingly.[3]

Once an Aeon Embedded employee destroys Alva's cell sample, the Black Widow is finally appeased and returns to the spirit realm via a portal.[4]

References[edit | edit source]