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The entrance to the office building.

Delta 5 is the name of the office building that contains the offices of Webcom and Aeon Embedded Ltd. Both One Late Night and One Late Night: Deadline take place here over the course of 2 hours in the middle of the night.[1] Delta 5 is located somewhere in Sweden.[2]

Keycards are necessary to access each of the offices in Delta 5. There exists master keycards that allow access to all offices on a specific floor of the building.

Basement Floor[edit | edit source]

The basement floor contains CellaLogic offices and the building's Administration office. The Janitors of the building have their supplies stored on this floor. This is also where the building's trash is held until it is taken out.

1st Floor[edit | edit source]

The first floor of Delta 5 contains the offices of CellaLogic, Handlarbanken, Lynch Telecom, and Myer's Digital.

2nd Floor[edit | edit source]

The second floor of Delta 5 contains the offices of CellaLogic and Webcom.

3rd Floor[edit | edit source]

The third floor of Delta 5 contains the offices of Chip Software, Aeon Embedded Ltd., and Black Curtain Studio.

4th Floor[edit | edit source]

The fourth floor of Delta 5 contains unused office space.

References[edit | edit source]

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