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In One Late Night: Deadline, various computers with opened email inboxes lay scattered throughout the Delta 5 offices and provide clues and hints as to what's been going on. This page WILL contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Aeon Embedded Emails[edit | edit source]

You there?[edit | edit source]

FROM: Richard
TO: you

Hey, you wanna head out and grab a beer after work? Me and John was thinking of trying out that new place that just opened up down on Claybrook court. Just a heads up, but I know youre busy though.

New deadline[edit | edit source]

FROM: Thomas
TO: you

The client is demanding a new version of the app to be uploaded for testing this Monday. They want a new status report faxed immediately. I know you have been working many late hours the last couple of weeks, but it is vital that we land this project because we got a lot of potential future projects going with this client in a near future.

WTF?![edit | edit source]

FROM: Richard
TO: you

Last night I was doing some tests around the office with the new camera app weve been working on and just snapped some random pics, without paying much attention to what was on them. Later when I was reviewing them more closely, I noticed something which made me spill my coffee all over myself. Take a look at the picture in the attachment. What the hell is that?! I noticed a very dense shadow in the corner of the room, like a person was standing there.

Webcom Emails[edit | edit source]

Re: A favor[edit | edit source]

FROM: Henry
TO: Robert

I got that information you asked for. I don't know what you want with it anyway, its long closed case. Anyway, her name was Alva and her mother Leonore seemed pretty twisted from what I could gather. She went into some deep depression after her husband died and took it out on her daughter. She was eventually admitted to some mental institution, but soon became fatally ill and died when Alva was in her late teens. Not much was seen or heard of Alva after that until she was found dead. I couldn't find much details on how she died, but police reports claims it was suicide. I guess the endless abuse had gotten the best of her and the death of her mother was the final straw.

Draft: Memories[edit | edit source]

FROM: Peter
TO: <no recipients>

There are people in this world that we do not seem to forget and cannot help to create a bond to. Robert warned me about that, warned me not to get involved. Lately I have been seeing more and more of them; ghosts and spirits that roam the earth aimlessly. What are ghosts really? Empty energy just passing along or memories that are looping endlessly, hoping to find a new owner? Whatever they are, the remind me of when I last saw him. His eyes void of life and his face betrayed no emotion. I hope he is alright...

Black Curtain Studio Emails[edit | edit source]

Last night[edit | edit source]

FROM: Erik
TO: John

This might sound strange, but you know the other night when we were working late? Was it just me or did you also hear that voice coming from the bathroom? I looked but no one was there. On top of that, I think I saw someone down in the CellaLogic labs the night before that and I know for certain that I was the only one working late that night. I know, I know, it might be just be the lack of sleep.

The trash bins[edit | edit source]

FROM: Margret
TO: John

Myer's Digital Emails[edit | edit source]

Beep-o[edit | edit source]

FROM: Patric
TO: Adam

Did you make sure to put the Beep-O back into his charging station last night? Else he will just be running around the office all night and his batteries will be all drained out.

Dolorem ipsum[edit | edit source]

FROM: Unknown Sender
TO: Wesley

There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain...

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