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OLN Peter.png
I need a burger.
Gender Male
Family unknown
Friends Linda?
First Appearance One Late Night
Phew, I'm exhausted.
~ Peter

Peter, the protagonist of One Late Night, is a graphic designer under the employment of a company called Webcom. He encounters strange occurrences at the office while working.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Around midnight, Peter dozes off and awakens in his office with a mighty need for some coffee. He leaves his office room, making note of a coworker name Robert who suddenly stopped coming to work. Peter proceeds to the break room, where he was brewing some coffee and gets himself a cup to bring back to his office room. Upon entering his office room, Peter notices that his computer has been turned on and the message "I see you..." has been written in a text document program. Peter becomes confused as he doesn't recall typing anything on his computer. He then gets up and wander through the office to see if any of his coworkers had come in while he wasn't looking. He notices something about the restroom and enters one of the stalls to find a key to Robert's office room in the toilet.

Peter heads back and opens Robert's office room with the key to see some foreboding messages written on the whiteboard. He also spots a ouija board on Robert's desk along with a red candle. Since Peter was the one who gave Robert his most recent password, he was able to log into Robert's computer without issue. He manages to find two text files that both sound as foreboding as the messages on Robert's whiteboard. He logs off and leaves the office to find a strange "Hello???" message has been printed from the fax machine. Thinking he needs another cup of coffee, Peter heads back to the break room to brew some more.

As he walks through the hall, Peter is spooked by sudden paranormal activity. He turns to leave when he notices a red balloon floating in the conference room. Curious, he enters the conference room and reaches out to grab the balloon when it suddenly changes into a veiled old woman in black. He falls back in surprise as the woman disappears from sight.

Peter races back to his office room and his vision starts to blur. He turns back to see the woman floating after him and quickly runs into Robert's office room to hide. Once the woman was gone, Peter discovers a note on Robert's desk telling him to check the drawer. All clues seem to point to the note having been written by Robert, so Peter opens the drawer to find another note along with a flashlight. Unfortunately the flashlight had no batteries, so Peter scrambles through the office rooms in search of 4 batteries to power the flashlight. The Black Widow, as Robert refers to her, continues to stalk Peter as he went. Peter manages to find enough batteries and, with flashlight powered on, defends himself from the Black Widow. Burned by the flashlight's beam, the floating woman screams in pain and disappears.

Now armed with a defensive weapon against the Black Widow, Peter dashes into Robert's office to find the emergency key, which he uses to open the door to the innermost office rooms. He runs through the hall with the Black Widow close on his tail. He turns around and aims the flashlight at the dark woman, burning her into disappearing once again. Thinking that he's in the clear, Peter reaches the end of the hall and tries to exit out the door when his mind begins to spin.

When Peter came to, he suddenly found himself at the entrance to the Webcom office. All the lights in the office have been extinguished, most likely by the Black Widow. Using the flashlight, Peter scrambles through the darkness to the safety of Robert's office room where he finds a note from Robert telling him that the Black Widow won't let him leave. Seeing that the flashlight won't last him forever, Peter grabs the candle off Robert's desk and heads into his own office room to find a lighter.

With a backup light source in hand, Peter heads back to the office lobby and faces off against the Black Widow one more time. He uses up the rest of the flashlight's power on the dark woman before switching to the candle and throwing the lit candle at her. With a loud shriek, the Black Widow was defeated once and for all, causing all the lights in the office to come back on. However, there was still a fire burning on the floor, so Peter hurries back to find a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

With both the fire and the Black Widow gone, Peter goes back to Robert's office room one last time to receive a message from Robert. Robert opens the office's doors from the other side and Peter is able to finally leave the office.[1]

However, despite his efforts, Peter passes out and is dragged into the spirit realm. The Black Widow tries to possess him, but he is able to resist her power. It is only with the help of an employee from Aeon Embedded that Peter is able to flee the spirit realm and finally leave the building entirely.[2]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In One Late Night: Deadline, if you log into the computer of the protagonist from One Late Night in the Webcom office, you will find an unsent email which reveals the protagonist's name to be Peter.
  • Peter was already in the building when the protagonist in OLND enters to send his fax. The scream that the protagonist hears while in the break room is the scream of the Black Widow being burned by Peter for the last time.
  • According to the layout of Delta 5 as revealed in OLND, it would be impossible for Peter's office to be facing anywhere outside. The window in his office should be looking into the offices of CellaLogic next door, which is rather odd considering the sound of rain and flashes of lightning coming from it in OLN.
  • Peter's desk has a figure of the Android mascot, Bugdroid. It is unsure if this was meant to foreshadow the eventual mobile port of OLN or a simple coincidence.

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