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Gender Male
Family Black Widow (great-great-grandmother)
Friends unknown
First Appearance One Late Night (mentioned only)
Are you ready?
~ Robert

Robert is employee of Webcom whose office is next to that of Peter. He disappeared one day and never came back to work. It is unknown how long he has been gone for.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

One day, Robert discovers that he has a maternal great-great-grandmother who was said to have done very bad things. Curious, Robert got himself a ouija board to learn more about his great-great-grandmother and inadvertently opens a portal to the realm of the spirits in the Webcom office. In doing so, he started getting stalked by the Black Widow. Eventually Robert becomes trapped in the spirit realm somehow and slowly starts forgetting who he was. As the void of darkness threatens to engulf him, Robert is suddenly swallowed up in light. At that moment, he realizes that he is still needed somewhere and sought to return to the Webcom office where he worked.[1] While in the spirit realm, Robert sends notes to his coworker Peter, as well as useful items such as a flashlight, to help him combat the Black Widow. With his help, Peter is able to defeat the Black Widow and Robert frees his coworker from the Webcom office.[2]

However, Robert soon discovers that Peter is still trapped by the Black Widow. By luck, Robert later encounters an employee from Aeon Embedded and manages to make contact with the employee via his smartphone. He leads the employee all over the building while giving him the advice he needed to defeat the shadow creatures and defend himself from the Black Widow. Eventually the Black Widow is sent back to the spirit realm and Robert is finally able to free his coworker once and for all.

It remains uncertain as to the fate of Robert afterwards, but it is inferred that he is no longer alive.[3]

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Darkness is shrouding the deepest corners of my soul. Feelings of both sorrow and peace overwhelm my mind. I want to get out, but I do not know from where. It feels like I am falling into a black and endless expanse.

I do not seem to remember my name, but I do know that I am needed somewhere and that I need to get back to this place. But before my apprehensions could take over, the empty void around me is filled by a white light. At that moment, I realized I had one last purpose in this world and that my final page has yet to be written.
~ Robert at the beginning of One Late Night: Deadline
Even sleepers are workers and collaborators of what goes on in the universe. What we do affects everyone around us. Your life is a journey, where you begin with having everything. And throughout this journey, you decide what you want to keep. Much like memories, some memories are here to stay, and others are meant to be forgotten. We can never really know which ones we'll treasure, and which will haunt us for eternity. Even when we die, our memories live on. Not with ourselves, but with those we left behind.

Remember, that death is not the end, but only a transition. My time has come, but I remember now who I am. My name... is Robert.
~ Robert at the end of One Late Night: Deadline

References[edit | edit source]